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Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in Featured, News

Justice NOW for Dontay

Justice NOW for Dontay

In April, three Albany police officers (Michael Mahany, Joshua Sears and Charles Skinkle) stopped a member of our community for having his hands in his sleeves. He was questioned, detained, and ultimately tased to death. That community member’s name was Dontay Ivy—a father, and former Albany High athlete and honor student, who graduated from Virginia State University. Dontay had a history of heart problems and was living with schizophrenia.

On Oct. 28th, 2015, after a sloppy 7 month investigation dragged out by an incompetent District Attorney’s office, a grand jury chose not to levy any charges against the officers that killed Dontay. This has left members of Dontay’s family and the community devastated. When Dontay was originally taken from us, over 200 people came out to protest his murder. This Friday, we will be back in the streets demanding justice for one of our own.

Join us as we demand the termination of all three officers, the end of the use of tasers by APD, and the immediate resignation of DA Soares.

We demand Justice for Dontay!


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